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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

As a Community Advocate, mom, grandmother, daughter and friend, Cynthia Harris has worked tirelessly to bring people together to get things done in Orlando. Cynthia has the vision, experience and ability as an effective community builder in Orlando for over three decades.


Cynthia is a hard worker, an organizer, a problem-solver — and yes, an optimist, even when it’s tough to be one. Like most women, she often had to improvise and juggle it all in the faith that things will somehow work out.


As a kid growing up in Orlando, Cynthia learned what makes Orange County the special place that it is. Cynthia graduated from Evans High School, attended Mississippi College and graduated from Valencia College and University of Central Florida with a B.S. in Criminal Justice.

Cynthia’s career experience includes working with the Department of Transportation, former Shop steward for ASFCME, and working with mental health and homeless populations for over 25 years. Cynthia currently runs a non-profit organization Carson-Chaney House Inc. which links families to resources in the community. She worked for Department of Corrections and obtained 9 FDLE certifications. She also has 5 FEMA certifications.

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